The Transcendence of Ephros by Guy Adams

The Doctor and Jo arrive on the dying planet Ephros, where Galactux Power Inc is exploiting the world's remaining resources. But something is stirring beneath the surface...

Doctor Who - The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 2 (Trailer)
Big Finish Productions (Doctor Who - The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 2)

Tears of the Devil 

Written by John Fryer

Produced by Political Art

Cover Artwork By Sheila Jackson

When an oil tanker sinks in the middle of the Atlantic, it sets off a series of events in the major capital cities of the world. Conflicting interests and interested parties, who all see different reasons for the tragedy at sea and wish to benefit from it. Culprits are announced and the media informs the world of the official story.

But what is the truth? ....and who gains?


President: Jeff Baynham  David Sterling: Nigel Peever with Richard Graylin, Robin Ingram,Daniel Dawes, Tony Plumridge, Istvan Andreszek, Mari King, Zac Benoir

Tears of the Devil Clip
Guy De Carnac: The Quality of Mercy
  • Written by: David A. McIntee
  • Narrated by: Joe Young
  • Length: 1 hr and 10 mins
  • Performance
  • Release Date:16/11/2012
  • Publisher: BBV     

    In medieval Europe, the arrival of two strangers brings mystery and conflict to a peaceful market town. The Inquisition is called for, with the capture of a foreign sailor. He looks like a man, but his clothes and language imply that he may be something more. Or perhaps something less. And what kind of ship sails through the sky? The Inquisition discover that some questions are too dangerous, and some answers too sensitive. Soon, their fate, and that of their prisoner, become bound up with the second visitor to the town. A disgraced former Templar Knight turned wandering mercenary, Guy de Carnac.

    Written by David A. McIntee. Directed by Nigel Fairs. Post Production and Music by Nigel Fairs. Produced by Bill Baggs. Cast: Joe Young (Guy), Nigel Fairs (Sailor), Jackie Skarvellis (Woman), Martin Broad (Merchant), Nigel Peever (Reynard), Mark Grieg (Priest).

    A full-cast audio drama.

    ©2002 David A McIntee (P)2002 BBV

The Quality of Mercy BBV Audio
RUTAN: In 2 Minds
  • Written by: Iain Hepburn
  • Length: 59 mins
  • Performance
  • Release Date:19/11/2012
  • Publisher: BBV   

    Mysterious death. Grieving mother. Government conspiracy. Edinburgh hackette Nicola McLaren has heard it all before. Just a routine investigation into the whole heap of nothing that forms the humdrum grind of real-life journalism, right? Wrong. Before long people tried to kill her, a lunatic ex-soldier abducts her and she finds herself chased half way across the country to meet aliens she's not even sure exist. Oh, and then she has to save the world.

    Written by Iain Hepburn. Directed by Nigel Fairs. Post Production and Music by Nigel Fairs. Produced by Bill Baggs. Martin Broad (Foley), Ashleigh Gray (Nicola), Nigel Peever (Wight), Jackie Skarvellis (Liz), Richard Stemp (Cashier / Newsreader / Host / Nash), Joe Young (Dunne), Mark Greig (Tommy), Nigel Fairs (Hall).

    A full-cast audio drama.

    ©2002 Iain Hepburn (P)2002 BBV

In 2 Minds BBV Audio
Zygons: Barnacled Baby
  • Written by: Anthony Keetch
  • Narrated by: Clive MerrisonDeborah Watling
  • Length: 55 mins 
  • Performance
  • Release Date:19/11/2012
  • Publisher: BBV   
  • Your ship is at the bottom of the English Channel, your crew are probably dead, and your nearest source of food is in a Loch six hundred miles away. And the natives are insane. Life isn't looking too promising for a Zygon called Bobby.

    Written by Anthony Keetch. Directed by Paul Griggs. Post Production by Ian Knight. Music by Steve Johnson. Produced by Bill Baggs. Nigel Peever (Jethro), Kerry Skinner (Doris), Clive Merrison (Sir Frederick Maltravers), Henry Burge (Demeris), Anthony Keetch (Toby), Deborah Watling (HRH Queen Victoria). Victorian London is not a great place to be if you're a wounded shape-shifting alien.

    A full-cast audio drama.

    ©2001 Anthony Keetch (P)2001 BBV

Barnacled baby

Pisces Episode 3 The Huntress

By Nigel Fairs 

Cranfield Sound Studios

Konstantin, Leader of the Seven Tribes of the Light fights for his leadership.


Pisces: Maria Galante   Anton: Nigel Fairs Alitze: Liza Hann  Konstantin: Nigel Peever  The Healer:Alistair Lock  Marianne: Claire Hatfield  Dekker: Anthony Townsend  Kurt: David Clarke 

Guard: Saul Jaffe  Survivor: Linda Bartram  Darkness: Nicholas Briggs

Written, Edited and with Music by Nigel Fairs

Ep3 - The Huntress - trailer (Piisces)

Doctor Who The Nightmare Fair

by Graham Williams

Drawn into "the nexus of the primeval cauldron of Space-Time itself," the Doctor and Peri are somewhat surprised to find themselves at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Is it really just chance that has brought them to the funfair? Or is their arrival somehow connected with the sinister presence of a rather familiar Chinese Mandarin?

The_Nightmare_Fair_Episode_Two clip

Doctor Who- The Caverns of Blood

by Andrew Holland

Ultimate Reality Productions

The Caverns of Blood #2

Doctor Who Second Solution

Audio Visuals

On the evening of November fifth, 1605, Guido Fawkes, an ex-mercenary soldier believed twelve years absent from England was discovered in the cellars beneath the House of Lords, giving light to sufficient stocks of gunpowder to destroy the building and take the life of King James the First of England. Guy Fawkes was tortured to death to exact a confession for his part in the infamous "Gunpowder Plot."

The remaining plotters; Robert Catesby, Thomas Percy, John and Christopher Wright, Robert and Thomas Winter and Robert Bates were all caught and publicly executed for treason against the state during the following year.

So ended the Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

But what if..... (original sleeve notes, 1986)


The Doctor Nicholas Briggs   Ria  Patricia Merrick  

Guido Fawkes/Gatekeeper  Alan Knight  Catesby/Guard  Duncan Lamb  Percy  David Sax

Wright Nigel Peever   Bates/Sir Thomas Knevet/Harlot  Susan Clarke

Computer John Ainsworth  Cabbies Nabil Shaban & Duncan Lamb

AV013 - Second Solution - iPod Audiobook
Doctor Who

Doctor Who- More Than a Messiah

Audio Visuals

By Nigel Fairs 

The Doctor needs a rest, and the tranquil beaches of Majus Seven would seem to be the ideal place. But paradise has its darker side.
Who are the intruders?
What are the hideously deformed creatures that seem to grow out of the ground?
Who is the madwoman on the beach?
And what part has The Doctor in the destiny of the planet itself?


The Doctor  Nicholas Briggs   Ria  Patricia Merrick   Truman    Nigel Fairs   

The Woman   Linda Baker    Bernard   Nigel Peever    Charlotte   Gillian Longdon

Captain   Richard Bronte   Winsome   David Sax

Directed & Edited By Neil Douglas

Recorded By Bill French

Incidental Music By Patrick Trethui Nigel Fairs

Produced By William Baggs

More than a Messiah clip

Doctor Who-The Sword of Orion

By Samuel Flint

Audio Visulals

Cast  Truman  Nigel Fairs  Ria  Heather Barker   The Doctor   Nicholas Briggs  

Ike  James Graham    Vol   Martin Pople   Diva   Bernadette Harper   Grash Nigel Peever   

Chava    Andrea Goodall   Chev Gary Russell    Aliens   David Sax   Nigel Fairs   Anthony Dexter

Directed By John Wadmore

Edited By Nick Briggs

Incidential Music By Jim Mortimore

Produced By William Baggs

AV017 - Sword Of Orion - iPod Audiobook
Doctor Who

Doctor Who - Requiem

by Andy Lane

Audio Visuals

We interrupt this broadcast for a news flash... Reports are coming in that the paradise planet of Ritel Ryana Tropos has been devastated in an unexplained catastrophe. All radio contact was lost fifteen hours ago, and the Conglomerate Vessel 'Goldreserve' was immediately dispatched to the scene. Ritel Ryana Tropos is, of course, the sixth planet in recent months to have suffered the same fate.

A man, believed to be a traveller, is being held by the Conglomerate in connection with these events.

And now we return you to tonight's concert, recorded recently at...... kzzzzt... kzzt....... kthhhh...Ssssssss....

Episode 2, Part 4
Audio Visuals (Requiem)

Snoozewurzle's Big Idea

by John Fryer

Political Art 

Cover Artwork by Sheila Jackson

Featuring Nigel Peever as Snoozewurzle Tami Houlton, Philip Sheahan, David Kerby-Kendall, Caroline Bleakley, Katherine Williams, Paul Whiting, Will O'Connell

Music Performed by Ruth Holden

Directed by John Fryer

Snoozewurzle's Big Idea

Snoozewurzle's Next Big Idea

by John Fryer

Political Art

Cover Artwork by Sheila Jackson

Snoozewurzle's Next Big Idea Clip

Snoozewurzle's Final Big Idea

Written by John Fryer

Political Art

Cover Artwork by Sheila Jackson

What does a man do when he has it all? Power, wealth and the Throne of Greyshire? 

In the final ruthless and brutal episode of the series Snoozewurzle plays his last card, the ultimate roll of the dice.

War has come to the peace loving people of Greyshire! Evildoers surround them on all sides, the enemy is at the gates, the kingdom is on 

Cast Nigel Peever as Snoozewurzle Kerri Logan, Norman Yourell Robin Ingram Tami Houlton Anthony Green Zyg Stanlaszek Mark Redrup

Music Performed by Albhne O'Neil  and Ruth Holden

Directed by John Fryer

Snoozewurzle's final Big Idea Clip

Parliament Square

Political Art

Written by John Fryer

Cover Artwork by Sheila Jackson

Cast Ben Dawes, Mark Hill, Philip Sheahan, Wanda Duszynska, Katie Williams, Geoff Baynham, 

Robin Ingram, Tony Plumridge, Duncan Smith, Helen Fullerton, Zyu Staniaszek, Zac Benoir, 

Richard Grayling.

Parliament square clip

Final frame

Fine Line

Written Lawrence Ahlemeyer

Incidental Music by Chatri Art

Theme Music James Leatherbarrow

Produced by Gareth Preston

Dr Lynn Frewin is intrigued by her latest patient, a strange young man who calls himself the Doctor and talks about travelling the universe in a small box.

Cast: The Doctor: Joe Binks  Dr Lynn Frewin Trina McGreggor  Dr Robert Ebner: Nigel Peever DS Hooper: Rupert Booth  Glen Mercer: Philip Jackson

Constable Boden: Andrew Crines  Steve Smart: John Isles  Andmarr: Mark Lenton No1: Lawrence Ahlemeyer  Raman: Gareth Preston

Final frame
Episode 1 – Arrival

Alice Drake wants out. Out of her career as an intelligence field officer. Out of her unhappy marriage. A long solo sea voyage seems like the perfect escape. But she doesn’t know about the obsession that has gripped her ex-husband Thomas, another MI6 operative. He’s been editing the memoirs of an old man who claims he was once the chairman of top secret colony of spies. Now he’s intrigued enough to use Alice as an unwitting scout, sending her yacht to a island that doesn’t exist.

Alice Drake – Stephania Lintonbon
Thomas Drake – Adam Manning
Lee West – Bill Hollweg
The Prisoner – Nigel Peever
Ross – Captain John Tadrzak
Secretary – Alexa Chipman
Megan Drake – Isobel Cavan
The Colonel – Gareth Preston
TV Reporter – Jill Cavan
Kim Gianopolus – Hairdresser

Theme Arrangement by Stevie K Farnaby (AKA SKiFfle)
Based on the original by Ron Grainer

Based on the original DC comic by Dean Motter & Mark Askwith
Adapted for audio and produced by Gareth Preston